News: Amazon Finalises Twitch Purchase

Big bucks involved

Amazon has officially announced the buyout of the popular game streaming service Twitch for almost $1 billion dollars.

Announced during a SEC filing, Twitch officially came under control of online retailer Amazon. “On September 25, 2014,, Inc. completed its acquisition of Twitch Interactive, Inc,” is stated on the disclosure form with the Securities and Exchange commission.

The buyout was announced back in August with Amazon reportedly stumping up around $970 million dollars for the Twitch service. It’s a big investment on Amazons part and it’ll be interesting to see what comes of the deal. For the time being the service will probably remain unchanged, but expect Amazon to place their mark upon it within the next few months, most likely in the form of Amazon product adverts.

We’re hopeful that Amazon will help improve the sometimes sketchy service and bring it up to a new standard, without jeopardising the current user experience.

What do you make of Amazon’s buyout of Twitch? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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via SEC