News: Apologise To Your Neighbours In Advance, SingStar Is Coming To PS4 On October 28th

Sony’s SingStar will be releasing on the PS4, much to the annoyance of your neighbours.

The release will be the same client that is available on the PS3 meaning that you just download the software, but you’ll have to buy the songs you want to ruin, er, I mean, sing beautifully…

As well as SingStar becoming available for the PS4 there will be a companion app to download onto your smart phone, allowing you to use your mobile device as a microphone instead of forking out cash for actual microphones. Cool.

The prices of the songs will remain the same, so you’ll never pay more than you did on the PS3 and any songs you currently own for the PS3 version can be carried over onto the PS4 release, saving you some of that sweet ka-ching.

SingStar PS4 will be releasing on October 28th as will the companion apps for iOS and Android devices.

SingStar is actually a guilty pleasure of mine – I once spent the entire night blasting SingStar Queen with two buddies, so I’ll definitely be jumping back in for an encore.

Will you be hitting the high notes on the PS4? Or do your vocal talents only work in the shower? Serenade us down in the comments section below.

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via PlayStation Blog