News: Batman: Arkham Knight To Be PS4 Exclusive In Japan

Batman: Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight stays in the shadows

It’s not been the best of weeks for Microsoft; their latest home console the Xbox One has had atrocious sales numbers in its opening week over in Japan, and now Rocksteady’s final installment in their Batman Arkham trilogy (Arkham Origins was developed by Warner Montreal,) will now be a PS4 exclusive in Japan.

It’s not been confirmed whether Batman: Arkham Knight will be a timed exclusive, but it’s not looking good for the Redmond based firm as they’ve removed the listing for Arkham Knight from their Japanese website.

That’s not all. Bungie’s recently released multi-platform shooter Destiny is also releasing as a PS4 exclusive in the country that gave us Takeshi’s Castle (if you’re unfamiliar with the show, check it out.)

It seems publishers are being scared away by the poor sales of the Xbox One, hopefully this can all change within the next few months so the few Xbox One users in Japan can get their fair share of gaming goodness.

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