News: Battlefield: Bad Company 3 Not In Development

battlefield-4-screenshot2Battlefield developer DICE has confirmed that Battlefield: Bad Company 3 isn’t in development at this time.

Responding to a fans question on social media website Twitter, the developer stated:

“We love the Bad Company series, but don’t have it in active development. Battlefield 4 is our main focus for the year.”

It’s unfortunate and many fans are disappointed to see that Battlefield 4 has taken priority. Many, myself included, we’re hoping for another adventure with B Company, they’re the best characters in the series and it’d be cool to see a less serious shooter for a change.

Oh well, at least Battlefield 4 will keep us all busy for a while, well, the multiplayer will, the single-player could turn out to be another wet fish akin to the one found in Battlefield 3.

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Source: Twitter