News: Black Ops 2 DLC Leaked At Retail

black-ops-2-dlc-uprisingCall of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be getting a new piece of download content this month, we all knew that, but now we have pretty solid evidence on exactly what the download content will consist of.

MadAssGamers managed to snap a picture of a some promotional material apparently showing the latest Black Ops 2 DLC and the contents, including the name, Uprising, and the names of the different maps that will be available upon its release.

According to the promotional material, Uprising will release on Xbox Live on April 16th and will come with four new multiplayer maps to slay your friends and strangers in. In addition to the standard multiplayer maps, there’s also Mob of the Dead for fans of Black Ops 2‘s Zombie mode.

The four multiplayer maps are Vertigo, Magma, Studio and Encore, with Mod of the Dead presumably being a sequel of sorts to the fan favourite Call of Dead from Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Check out the promotional material down below:


We all knew that there was going to be DLC and this latest leak all but confirms what that Uprising will indeed be the next DLC, I expect we’ll get official confirmation within the next week or so. As for the release being set for April 16th on Xbox Live, PlayStation 3 and PC players should expect it around a month later, as has become the norm.

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Looking forward to getting some new content for Black Ops 2? Will you be diving into the multiplayer or taking on the hordes of zombies in Mob of the Dead? Let us know down in the comments section below.

Source: MadAssGamers

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