News: Black Ops 2 Uprising DLC Confirmed, Trailer Inside

black-ops-2-uprisingRemember the leaks over the past couple of weeks relating to the inevitable Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 download-content? The rumours and leaks suggested the next Black Ops 2 DLC would be named Uprising, and they were right all along.

Coming to Xbox Live on April 16th and a month later for PlayStation 3 and PC players, Uprising will supply you with four new multiplayer maps to get stuck into online as well as a brand new Zombies map named Mob of the Dead.

Mob of the Dead is probably the most exciting thing within the DLC pack. A sequel of sorts to the immensely popular Call of the Dead from Call of Duty: Black Ops, Mob of the Dead is set on the zombie ridden island that Alcatraz calls home. As well as taking you to an iconic setting you’ll be treated to some of Hollywood’s finest actors in the form of Ray Liotta, Chazz Palminter, Michael Madsen and Joey Pantoliano who you’ll play as whilst fighting off the rotting zombies. Yummy.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

This recent announcement by Activision comes as no surprise to be honest, with all the leaks that got out over the last few weeks it was pretty much always going to be Uprising. Still, it’s nice to know we were all right.

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