News: Blizzard Entertainment In Deal With Sony, Diable III Coming To PS3 & PS4

diablo 3 gotyChris Metzen of Blizzard Entertainment took the stage at the Playstation meeting and revealed some interesting information.

Metzen revealed that Blizzard Entertainment has entered into a deal with Sony, though few details were given. However, one thing was dished out to our greedy little mouths: Diablo III will be getting a release on the PS3 and PS4.

A few details were given on what will be featured in the console version of Diablo III, one of which is a four player mode. In the four player mode, you and three friends can take on the dirty world of Diablo III, all together on one screen, no splitting the screen, just the one.

More will be revealed at a later date at PAX East with a formal debut and more information on gameplay, and maybe even some gameplay footage.

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