News: Brand New Playstation 3 12GB For Less Than £120

super_slim_ps3_console_blackDeal of the year? Maybe…

We all have those lazy relatives who can’t be bothered to buy you an actual Christmas present so instead they whack some cash in a card and chuck it at you across the dinner table. I know, I’ve been getting this since the age of 10, and let me tell you, £20 in £1 coins stuffed into an envelope hurts like mad when it comes flying at your unsuspecting face, a Playstation 3 would hurt more, but I’d let anyone throw a Playstation 3 at my if I got to keep it afterwards.

Anyway, enough about troubled childhood memories, there’s a cracking deal to be had that will more than make use of that festive cash.

The UK arm of online retailer Amazon is currently willing to swap you a brand new Playstation 3 12GB model for approximately half the cost of a Playstation Vita, and another UK game retailer, GAME are almost ready to match that offer with the same console, but for £125, which is still impressive.

Obviously, the 12GB hard drive isn’t going to be able to hold that much on it, but you can always upgrade the memory with a fairly cheap 2.5″ SATA hard drive to bump up the gigabytes to a more respectable level. If you intend to use Playstation Plus, this is a must have. Most games you’ll download will be 2GB+ in size, so please, for your own sake and to avoid disappointment, invest in a hard drive and you’ll be laughing as you squander the rest of the cash you’ve saved from this cracker of a deal. (No Christmas cracker pun intended.)

There are of course pro’s and con’s to each retailer, order from Amazon and you can pretty much expect a delayed delivery at this time of year, Royal Mail struggle to cope on a normal day, never mind over the Christmas period. So expect to wait a little bit longer for the cheapest price possible, otherwise just go down to your local GAME store and pay in hard cold cash, picking up some GAME Reward Card points in the process.

This is a better than decent deal, you get a console that was once the hard end of £500 for 1/5 of that price. Just invest in a cheap SATA hard drive and you’ll have the bargain of the year, well, at least until the New Year comes around…

Are you getting in on this? Or did Santa already bring you a Playstation 3 for Christmas? Let us know in the comments below.

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