News: Cancelled Crash Bandicoot DS Gameplay Looked Promising

crash bandicoot dsCrash Landed, then burned…

Crash Bandicoot almost got his spin on with the Nintendo DS in a game called Crash Landed.

The game was in development with studio Renegade Kid before it mysteriously got cancelled in 2009 by publisher Activision, which currently holds the rights to Crash Bandicoot.

The video below was leaked by an anonymous source close to Activision and shows what could have been for Crash Bandicoot in Crash Landed on the Nintendo DS. You can check out the video below and join us in a silent tear for what could have been…

To be fair, it doesn’t look all that bad. Considering it’s a Nintendo DS game, the 3D environment and gameplay itself is quite impressive. It’s a shame Crash Landed never got to see the light of day, ever since Crash Bandicoot 3, all we’ve ever wanted was a decent Crash Bandicoot game. There’s still hope our mental muncher will make an appearance in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. Maybe that could pave the way for future glory?

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