News: Capcom Censors ‘Angry Joe’ Street Fighter V Video After Negative Comments

Oh dear, Capcom are in hot water again. The firm behind the recently announced PS4/PC exclusive Street Fighter V seems to be safeguarding their upcoming fighter by censoring popular Youtuber Angry Joe.

Angry Joe, real name Joe Vargas, recently posted a video where he lambasted Capcom’s upcoming fighter whilst using assets provided by the Japanese publisher.

However, all is not well in the camp. Capcom recently filed a copyright claim on the video after Angry Joe made negative comments about Street Fighter V in the now removed video.

Angry Joe claims that Capcom’s reasons behind filing the claim were to censor the opinions of the popular vlogger to prevent his huge following of 1.7 millions subscribers from hearing his negative opinions on the upcoming release.

In a new video he describes Capcom as ‘dumb’ and explains how Capcom initially contacted him to help ‘spread the word’ on Street Fighter V, going as far as to supply him with the video that they have since filed a copyright claim on.

It’s not a good showing for the troubled publisher and they’re certainly not doing themselves any favours with this latest practice of dishonest censorship.

You can watch the full video down below.

Share your take on the situation down in the comments section below.

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      1. I doubt he had much to do with it. Microsoft listened to consumers because it was the right thing to do not becauae angry Joe made another Joe bitches video.

        That aside we gave up significant advantages because people didn’t understand what the whole thing was about. There were no negatives. Don’t bring up that bs about military bases…if you had no internet connection you out the disc in the drive like you do today problem solved. Also don’t bring up trading in or selling games because that would have been simple too. Hit manage game in Xbox options, click button that says deauthorize then sell it. Omg the horror.

        1. Microsoft didnt “listen” to anybody they were going to do what they wanted to do UNTIL they saw they were getting their ass kicked in pre-orders!

          And all their policies were horrible. No used games, you can only sell your game to a official “microsoft” second hand store. DRM, always online. Yeah right nothing ‘negative’ about that

          1. Exactly , Xbots are such retarded mongrels, Microspft can sh-t on their faces and they will call it a hot rock spa treatment. Those dumb bastards don’t deserve SF5. SUPER SF5 , maybe……

          2. Clueless. You could sell games to anyone you wanted. All this pissing and moaning about DRM…every console has DRM. Both consoles are also always online.

            We gave up sharing out entire library of games with 10 friends for what? Cause people are clueless and didn’t understand?

            Clearly that’s the case since you are still going on about DRM which you clearly don’t understand. Can you copy your ps4 discs and play the copies? Nope, DRM. Can you copy your digital titles and send them to friends? Nope, DRM .

            Fact is the system ms had in place was simple. Want to sell a game or give it to a friend? Click a button that removes the game from your account. Done, simple. Change you mind and keep the game? Put the disc in the drive. Done, simple.

            Its pretty damn sad. Omg always online! Show me a modern console that isn’t hooked up yo the net 24/7. Both consoles require firmware updates out of the box to even function. Where do you get updates? ONLINE. Almost every game launches with a day 1 patch or it basically doesn’t work. Where do you get the patch? ONLINE.

    1. Yeah he’s annoying, at least he isn’t flailing his hands around like a dick on this video. Youtube personalities are annoying, they are more likely to be bribed and they have no ethics when it comes to Subjectivity.

    1. Mr.Cool
      never raises his voice for what he believes.
      points his fingers on others when they do.
      Mr Cool is so cool he is almost cute
      So grown up, so shutted up,
      Mr Cool.

  1. I understand Angry Joe, but I’m only questioning who took the decision, Capcom Japan or Capcom US. Either way, what have you done, Capcom, blah blah blah.

    US branches are usually more arrogant…

  2. I have no interest in watching a 25 minute video of some douche whining about an exclusive. Understand the business or get out of the business of reporting on it.

    1. Some people are just in the business of looking dumb, like you. You don’t want to watch the video? Fine. That’s your choice and I respect it. However, don’t talk please. If you are not going to go through the process of properly informing yourself as to what the situation is, then all you do by speaking up is look stupid. And trust me, you do look stupid.

  3. Crapcom and ScrewedEnix are the best examples of what is wrong with Japan right now. They have all become money begging monsters because of Microsoft’s money hatting last generation. Sony might be patient with all their treachery but I am not. I used to buy their games but not anymore- yeah even Street Fighter V. I’d rather play with my Sega Genesis’ Street Fighter Special Champion Edition.

    My PS4’s fun factor won’t be diminished by SFV absence. Capcom USA you better repent.

  4. Eh all he does is whine like a bitch.I don’t like Capcom and i think censorship is wrong everyone has their opinions.I just don’t like Joe’s videos.

  5. OK first off, Capcom is not in the wrong in this situation, yes they could have handled it better but Joe did it to himself. when a company gives you something and asks you to spread the information about it. you don’t go around and bitch about how this is a shit move that they made it where it’s going to be on only one console or any other negative remarks that is ultimately going to hurt there said products reputation. instead you either bite your tongue and talk about it in a positive way even tho you do agree about certain aspects of either the company or said product. or you just say no and not do what they want you to do and not agree to spread the word. it’s really that simple. like i said Joe did this to himself buy spreading negative remarks after agreeing to their favor they asks to do.

    1. Seriously? He says his own OPINION. If he doesn’t like that the game is now console exclusive (nobody does), he has to let everyone know.
      We are full of liars on youtube, that say good things about companies, even if they don’t like something, so they keep sending them free stuff.
      Or even worse, get paid to lie about things.
      That was a bad move by Capcom, and it shows they are butthurt.

      1. $0N¥ apologists are pathetic and spin everything to their own agenda. It’s hilarious and also proves Jim Sterling long ago and many articles about PS fanboys by many others afterwards were right.

    2. Angry Joe is completely right on this one and this is censorship, no way for Crapcom to spin this otherwise. That video had nearly half a million likes and about 50.000 dislikes. Crapcom is shaking in their boots about their decision.

  6. Who cares about this troll Angry Joe except 1.6 million angry Xbots??

    Seriously. This dude is so far MS ass he can do a colonoscopy and a lot more!

    Go complain how MS is spying on us with the NSA (Snowden documents) and have backdoors in all their Windows operating systems…

  7. If you give someone materials to promote something (like all journalists get) you don’t get to tell people what they can and can’t say. That’s flat our ridiculous. We should censor reviews then too?. If its not a positive review I guess we should flag and take down the page because it doesn’t suit our opinion? NO. that’s censorship. Anyone who supports that is plain foolish and probably hypocritical.

    Yes, what Joe talks about is how he thinks the exclusivity of a franchise or IP that’s already coexisted on multiple platforms is wrong. Just like he did with Tomb Raider. That doesn’t mean they should yank his videos… That’s horrible. People are going on and on about console war BS in the comments everywhere and this is much bigger than the stupid console war BS. Its a sad day in gaming when you apologize for a company censoring peoples opinions. Especially when you freely hand over the promotional materials to someone to talk about.

    1. joe doesnt talk, he screams like a psycho. they expect a certain level of professionalism and he did not show that. I wouldnt want people like him reviewing my product. he contributes NOTHING positive or worthwhile to the community other than making us look bad. capcom did the right thing its freaking embarrassing.

      1. capcom did. they have an entire video history of angry joe to go by as well as the reactions to over a million of his followers. it was all laid bare, plain as day, completely and 100% out in the open just exactly who angry joe is, what he says and does in his videos, and what his followers and detractors have long know come to expect. it doesn’t matter if angry joe needs to grow up, if he yells and screams to your annoyance, or does anything else someone disagrees with.

        point is, capcom has no excuse. a popular youtube personality associated with gaming with an established reputation with very consistent methods and style. THEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN WHAT TO EXPECT and angry joe DID EXACTLY WHAT WAS EXPECTED!!

        there is absolutely no defense or excuse for capcom. the best shot they have is that one region’s legal team acted without knowledge to the other region’s decision… and even that doesn’t alleviate or diminish just how underhanded and two-faced capcom’s actions are here.

        1. I agree, BUT… it could turn out it was not a personal removal thing on behalf of Capcom. In fact it could be in response to the “leaked trailer” some days before it. Remember it was leaked before the Game Awards? It’s possible that was a copyright infringement that they put up so people wouldn’t post the video on Youtube repeatedly.. Since it was abruptly taken down and numerous people tried to put it back up. Come to think of it. that actually makes a lot of sense.

      2. Honestly he can be whomever he wants though. That’s his personality and his shtick too. It’s to be expected. You act as if this is your first time ever hearing about “Angry” Joe. It’s in the name too. Get it? He’s not a bad guy, he just likes to rant and he gets pretty passionate about what he says. I am not a proclaimed fan or anything but he definitely doesn’t waiver on his opinion normally. One thing I have learned from blunt people is that when they say something you know they are not trying to BS you. They believe it. Whether it’s true or not. To me that’s a good quality. He is sticking up for people and has a pretty loud voice to be heard too. Not just physically.

  8. Joe should just edit the video to just include still shots of SF5. His videos are comedy gold. Capcom doesn’t get that his vids are for entertainment purposes only. One thing though, the dude needs to buy a thesaurus , so he can think of new ways to day “Capcom is. Stupid”. He repeated the same damn phrase 100 times in 9 minutes.

  9. Seeing as a few months back there was talk of calcium going bankrupt and being purchased I think he’s wrong I think they probably couldn’t afford sf5 I mean yeah street fighter 4 made money but that easily could have been spent on other games that lost money….. It’s fairly obvious to me it likely has….

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