News: Capcom Censors ‘Angry Joe’ Street Fighter V Video After Negative Comments

Oh dear, Capcom are in hot water again. The firm behind the recently announced PS4/PC exclusive Street Fighter V seems to be safeguarding their upcoming fighter by censoring popular Youtuber Angry Joe.

Angry Joe, real name Joe Vargas, recently posted a video where he lambasted Capcom’s upcoming fighter whilst using assets provided by the Japanese publisher.

However, all is not well in the camp. Capcom recently filed a copyright claim on the video after Angry Joe made negative comments about Street Fighter V in the now removed video.

Angry Joe claims that Capcom’s reasons behind filing the claim were to censor the opinions of the popular vlogger to prevent his huge following of 1.7 millions subscribers from hearing his negative opinions on the upcoming release.

In a new video he describes Capcom as ‘dumb’ and explains how Capcom initially contacted him to help ‘spread the word’ on Street Fighter V, going as far as to supply him with the video that they have since filed a copyright claim on.

It’s not a good showing for the troubled publisher and they’re certainly not doing themselves any favours with this latest practice of dishonest censorship.

You can watch the full video down below.

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