News: Dishonored Developer Looking Forward To PlayStation 4 Development

playstation-4The PlayStation 4 has been a hit with fans, critics and developers alike, despite the console still being months away from release.

It hasn’t stopped some developers from expressing their gratitude to Sony for the beefy specs that the PlayStation 4 will offer. Christopher Carrier, one of the developers of the stealth/action title Dishonored is particularly pleased with what’s on offer inside the PlayStation 4.

Speaking with Eurogamer after the BAFTA’s, where the Dishonored team took home the Game of the Year award, Mr Carrier shared his thoughts on the PlayStation 4, and he was particularly pleased with Sony’s choice of 8GB GDDR5 RAM, which is basically more memory than most PC’s hold (mine sits at a 4GB, I still remember buying Championship Manager 4 and having to upgrade from my 128MB RAM PC to play it!)

“We need memory, you know? As a level designer we are struggling against memory every day. We cut things, we remove things, we strip things, we split the levels, [and] we remove NPCs from levels because there’s not enough memory.”

Mr Carrier goes on to say: “Knowing that memory is something that is going to be improved in the next generation of consoles: to us, it’s a joy. It’s something that we were waiting for.”

Memory does play a big part in the performance of games, the current systems have 512MB of RAM, which in comparison to the PlayStation 4, looks a little weak, heck, even my phone has 1GB of RAM.

Though, if this generation of games has done us well on 512MB, we have a real treat lined up sometime down the road as technology advances and developers learn to utilise the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s next Xbox to their potential, we could well be seeing games in 5 years time that make Uncharted 3 look shoddy.

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Source: Eurogamer