News: Dota 2 Rekindling Update Announced

I know Dota 2 was just recently discussed, but Valve has just announced one of the biggest updates that the game has had thus far. The Rekindling update is unlike any other previous update since the game went live because the map will actually be altered with this one. Roshan, the largest neutral character on the map will now be found at a different location. The runes will now spawn at both the top and bottom sides of the river every two minutes, rather than just one side every two minutes, as well as an entirely new rune being added. The fountain is going to be elevated higher than it already was, and pathing to the tier one towers are going to be changed. Overall, the map is going to experience a huge amount of changes that will allow room for countless new techniques and strategies.

In addition to changing the map the update will also be nerfing and buffing the abilities of most heroes, specifically the top picked tournament heroes. Some of the larger ones to note are Bloodseeker’s ultimate ability is completely different from the one it was before. Phantom Lancer now has two more abilities added to his skill set. Juggernaut’s blade fury can no longer be stopped by several of the things that stopped it before. Riki now has permanent invisibility as a basic ability and Blink Strike is now the ultimate – I am gonna predict that this change will cause immense upset among the players. Captains mode, the professional and competitive game mode, has swapped the order of third round bans which can change future drafting decisions by the sponsored players. Denied creeps will give less experience to the enemy players, this will demand for players to focus more on denying.

But wait! Not only were the map and heroes updated, but so were the items; there will now be a new item called the Crimson Guard, looking to be targeted towards strength based heroes. Going with the new item are changes to a lot of the old items as well, some of the most commonly used ones are going to be experiencing changes. The few that caught my eye was that the bottle will be even more expensive than before at 700 gold, blink dagger also costs a bit more than before, and town portal scrolls only cost 100 gold now. All of these changes are going to drastically change the game along with the way it’s played, to anyone out there who hasn’t played before but is considering: now is one of the best times to start.

I expect to see many new play-styles and metas come from this update and the professional scene will be bursting with new people and strategies. The full list of changes and updates can be found here.

Are you guys looking forward to or unhappy about the changes announced? Leave a comment in the comments section letting us know what you think.

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