News: Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z Coming Soon

dragon_ball_z_battle_of_zNamco Bandai games are bringing a new style of gameplay to the their newest Dragon Ball Z game which is set to land in Europe soon on Playstation 3, Playstation Vita and Xbox 360.

With this new treat for Dragon Ball Z fans comes a new feature to Dragon Ball Z gaming; team cooperative battles. Now fans have the opportunity to fight as a team of up to 4 players against a whole load of different opponents or even one giant opponent. This Dragon Ball Z game seems to be a treat for gamers who like team play, having to use and combine their skills with friends or strangers online.

For those that love the thrill of battle there will also be the option of taking part in a massive 8-person battle royale. That certainly gets my blood pumping.

Check out some of the gameplay in its new trailer:

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