News: DriveClub Was Delayed For Design Reasons, Not Technical, Game Was “Finished”

When DriveClub was first shown off at E3, fans of racing games lost the plot and spent a penny in their knickers at the sights being shown off, so it was a kick to the teeth when DriveClub was delayed from its initial release date and pushed back all the way to October.

The reason for the delay, many thought, was so that the game could get a bit more development time to fine-tune the game mechanics; basically delayed for technical reasons. However, that’s not the case, at least not according to Simon Barlow, one of the creative designers behind the PS4 exclusive racer.

In a recent interview with Develop Online, Barlow stated that ‘the game was finished’ and was ‘perfectly shippable’ in it’s then-current form. Instead of releasing the game back then, the folks behind DriveClub decided to delay the game to work on the games design, though not from a technical perspective.

The amount of data presented at the end of an event is an important feature for many players who like to analyse their performance and compare themselves against their peers, so the myriad of content and getting it presented to the player in the best possible way was actually the reason for the delay, with Barlow stating, when asked if it was delayed for technical reasons “it was design reasons, yeah.”

DriveClub releases this October 10th on the PS4 and is available as part of a PS4 console bundle, handy if you’ve not yet gotten yourself a PS4!

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via: develop-online

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