News: European PS Plus Members In For Mega Treats This May

hitman-absolution-psplusEuropean PS Plus members, brace yourselves. May is going to be a heavy month for the PlayStation 3’s hard drive and even heavier for your bandwidth, there’s just so much being given away!

Last week we found out that Hitman Absolution was leading the pack in the merry, merry month of May, but now the food chaps and ladies over at the EU PlayStation Blog have decided to tell us exactly what’s coming, so like I said, brace yourselves.

Hitman Absolution is obviously the big name this time around, you’ll be put in the shoes of Agent 47 and assigned targets to assassinate, whether you choose to stay in Agent 47’s shoes or change into a ridiculous chicken costume, that’s up to you. Seriously, you can do that. Worth a download if you’ve yet to play it, promises a lot more action based gameplay than previous instalments.

Catherine is the next PlayStation 3 game and I’ve got to say, I don’t really know that much about it. From what I’ve just scanned over on the Wikipedia page is that the game comes from Japan and people like it, and, er, it’s a game? Anime style gameplay with some weird yet intriguing story concepts, if I had you at Anime, you’ve probably played it before or you’re waiting for the update already. It’s not till May, go back to doing other things.

Rounding off the PlayStation 3 content is the action-packed and critically acclaimed Malicious. Hate the idea of working your way through a level to fight the boss? Malicious cuts the crap and tosses you in at the deep end with each stage starting with the boss and it’s minions. It’s so good in fact that the PS Vita will be getting an enhanced port sometime soon.

Now to finish off the content comes the mandatory PS Vita games and they’re being digitally delivered in the form of two great side-scrolling shoot ’em ups – Sine Mora and the remake of the classic PS Mini title Velocity Ultra which includes all new “native HD graphics” and trophies, even a platinum for you trophy hunters.

All in all, it’s a pretty good update on the way for month, PS Plus members should be able to find something within the bunch to keep your thumbs busy.

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What’s got your interest? Hitman? Catherine? Or will you be making space on your memory card for the PS Vita shooters?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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  1. Remember how I said I’d only complain if EU got something I didn’t already own and wanted… well, now’s the time.

    Catherine!?!?! C’mon SCEA! What are you doing to US!

    Or, rather, not doing for us….

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