News: ‘First Look’ At EA’s Star Wars Plan This E3

eastarwarsFrank Gibeau of EA recently confirmed that during this years E3, EA would be showing off their plans for the Star Wars license that they have recently acquired.

According to Fran Gibeau’s post on the EA’s Beat blog, the E3 conference will be giving us “a first look at our plans for the Star Wars partnership with Disney.”

What this is set to entail, we’ve no idea. There’s been speculation around the wonderfully rumour-ridden internet that EA are looking to finish off the work already put into Star Wars 1313, and maybe even Star Wars: Battlefront III. This is all rumours at the moment though, we’re just going to have to wait until EA’s E3 press conference for confirmation.

EA’s E3 conference will be taking place on June 10th at 23:00 GMT time and 15:00 PT.

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