News: Free-To-Play Warframe Out Now On Xbox One

Free-to-play multiplayer shooter Warframe is now available for the Xbox One.

After seeing a successful release on the PlayStation 4 and PC, Warframe has finally arrived on the Xbox One and is available to download today.

The title pits players against each other in a third-person multiplayer setting, each on opposing factions fight to the death in teams of four.

As with every free-to-play title Warframe supports in-game purchases, players may purchase the in-game currency Platinum in exchange for real world money, allowing a greater customisation of weapons.

Warframe hasn’t been a critical success, gaining only average scores from various publication, but don’t let that put you off. Warframe is a ton of fun if you can get into a decent game with a few friends.

Check out the launch trailer for the Xbox One version of Warframe down below.

Have you checked out Warframe for the Xbox One? What do you make of it? Shoot us a comment down in the comments section below.

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