News: GameStop Reckons The PlayStation 4 Will Sell Out Quickly

PS4-playstation-4-padMega video game retailer GameStop is confident that the PlayStation 4 will easily sell out come launch day.

Speaking to Games Industry International, company president Tony Bartel spoke about the future success of the PlayStation 4, suggesting that the demand is higher than they can supply.

“We do believe demand will far outpace supply within the launch window, although we have been given no official numbers by Sony.”

Without clear number being supplied by Sony, it’s difficult to say whether the PlayStation 4 will sell out quickly, but it’s definitely gaining pace with pre-orders being taken and over 900,000 of GameStop’s customers opting to receive notification on any and all PlayStation 4 related news.

If Sony are smart, they’ll make sure there’s enough to go around else they’ll suffer the almighty ‘gamers wrath’ from those who can lay hands on the new console, we may even see the PlayStation 4 sell for way above its RRP on eBay if the supplies dwindle at retail.

Maybe it’s worth placing your pre-order now, just for peace of mind…

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Have you got your pre-order done? Or will you be risking a day one buy in store? Or maybe even waiting a few weeks after the initial launch? Let us know down below.

Source: Game Industry International

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