News: GTA IV Graphics Mod Bumps GTA IV Up A Generation

gta-iv-logoWhen Grand Theft Auto IV was first released we all marvelled at the graphics and how lifelike Liberty City was. Fast forward a few years and it’s starting to look aged beyond its years.

Not to bother though, a clever chap by the name of Hayssam Keilany has been releasing a mod over the last few years to improve the graphics of GTA IV, and the latest update is really something.

Though it’s still in the Alpha stage it’s looking like a next-gen game that we would be more than happy to see on the PS4 or Next Xbox. Take a look at some screenshots released by Mr Keilany below:









You have to admit, that’s bloody impressive. I actually though the one with the view of the street and cars was a Google Street View image, but it was actually the iCEnhancer mod at work with GTA IV.

This is one of the reasons PC gaming has an advantage over the traditional home consoles, the ability to create and apply mods such as this to games is what makes the PC the favoured gaming platform for many. Beware, you will need a decent PC to run these sort of mods to their best.

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Have you tried out the graphics mods for GTA IV? Or is your computer a bit on the low-end to be experimenting? What other mods have you come across that improve the game? Let us know in the comments section below!

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