News: The GTA V PS4 Bundle On Amazon Is Ridiculously Expensive, Xbox One Bundle Is Cheaper

As expected, GTA V is getting bundled with the PS4 and Xbox One in order to boost sales for both consoles over the Christmas season.

Amazon UK currently has listings for both the PS4 and Xbox One GTA V bundles, though there’s a stark difference in pricing.

The Xbox One GTA V bundle is priced at a reasonable £349.85 which will bag you the console, a controller, all the required leads, a chat headset and more importantly, a boxed copy of GTA V. There has been some criticism directed towards Microsoft recently for bundling consoles with games that must be downloaded, so it’s good to see that isn’t the case on this occasion.

Meanwhile, the GTA V PS4 bundle is currently going for a staggering £389.99, a whole £40 more than the Xbox One counterpart. Why is it so much more expensive? Haven’t the foggiest. It could however be due to the fact that it’s being sold by a third-party and that Amazon themselves aren’t actually selling the bundle officially, not just yet anyway.

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