News: GTA Vice City Getting ‘Uncut’ Re-Release According To USK

GTA Vice City still remains a popular game even over a decade after its initial release which has seen the open-world murder-fest release on home consoles, PC and even Android and iOS devices, something we wouldn’t have thought possible back when it originally hit store shelves.

It’s still so popular that it’s getting an ‘Uncut’ re-release in Germany for the PlayStation 2 and PC.

For German players this is pretty big news as Germany’s video-game censorship is brutal to say the least. Games released in the land of the Bratwurst often have tone down the adult content in order to get the game into stores.

The original GTA Vice City released in Germany with much of its gore and violence toned down, but since then many have opted to install third-party cracks to allow them to play the full uncensored versions of their favourite games.

Are you a German? Will you be playing the new release of GTA Vice City? Let us know down in the comments section below.

Bist du eine Deutsch? Willst du spiele die neuer GTA Vice City? Sprechen i den Kommantaren!

via USK

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  1. Germans come visiting Switzerland or maybe also Austria to buy uncut games here (since those countries share the same language) or do import postally from elsewhere. I think the re-release is superfluous.

  2. Sind Sie deutsch? (formal)
    Bist du deutsch? (informal)

    [Wollen Sie / Willst du] die ungeschnittene Version von GTA Vice City spielen?


    Nah, m8. Anyone who wanted to play GTA Vice City Uncut already has. It’s nice to know that they’re still selling copies of the game but I do have my doubts about the game being entirely uncut. As far as I know decapitating a human with a recognizable face (as opposed to wearing a helmet or having a recognizably non-human face such as a vampire, werewolf, zombie etc.) is still not okay. If they removed the decapitation effect from the katana then it’s very much “cut” after all. I’m sick of devs/publishers lying about games being uncut – moreso than I am sick of the USK being a thing. The USK could in theory do a good job at protecting kids from brutality in their early, vulnerable years, and then lifting restrictions as kids reach the age of say 14 or 16. What they are doing in reality is a joke though. In practise the USK is just a waste of taxes and a nuisance to gamers of all ages.

    In case someone doubts my speculation regarding decapitations: You could only decapitate helmet-wearing enemies in Dark Messiah of Might and Magic and that was in 2006.

    1. The USK is very annoying indeed. I come from the UK and bought Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam whilst in the UK – got to Germany and zam, only the censored version is available for me to play.

      Thanks for the German lesson haha! My German is a little rusty these days so I appreciate any and all help!

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