News: Guacamelee! DLC Confirmed

guacameleedlcFans of Drinkbox Studios’ Guacamelee! will be happy to know that there will be some download content coming for the bonkers brawler.

Over on the Drinkbox Studios official Facebook page the developer confirmed that there would be some extra download content for the game by replying to a question from a fan with:

“There will be DLC.”

Yep, no bells and whistles, no big fancy trailer or a trailer teasing a trailer for the reveal trailer, just plain and simple confirmation. I like those guys.

There’s no hint as to when the DLC will be released or what it will consist of, but if Drinkbox Studios are so open, it might be worth my time to email them and see what they say.

If we get a good response from the developer, we’ll let you know!

Also, if you’re wondering where our review is, it’s currently halfway done and sitting on a desktop in Microsoft word. It’s so hard to review a game when all you want to do is keep playing the damn thing!

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Looking forward to some Guacamelee! download content? What would you like to see? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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  1. Oh, great! I just Platinumed the thing this morning! Now the DLC will bring more trophies! Look at me complaining as if it’s a bad thing. I loved guacamelee! Bring me more delicious Guacamelee! Drink Box! Bring me a sequel focusing on Tostada, the mysterious female luchador who player 2 utilizes!

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