News: Halo 5 Announced For Xbox One

halo5xboxoneHalo fans will be happy to hear that Microsoft has revealed Halo 5 during the closing moments of their E3 conference.

The title was teased in the form of a short video showing Master Chief having a little stroll through a sand-filled desert, only to be disturbed from his leisurely stroll by some huge robot/space-ship thingy-majiga.

It looks fantastic and will surely be a hit with fans of the series, and once more 343 are handling production, so Halo 5 is in good hands, don’t you worry!

Check out the teaser trailer embedded below:

The trailer looks fantastic and all, but… Why is Master Chief sporting a poncho? I know sand is a pain in the arse (hate it when it gets between my toes) but he has this massive armour that protects him from all sorts of nasties…


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