News: inFamous Second Son Won’t Let You Die, Even When Your Controller Does

infamoussecondsondelsinWe’ve all been there before; you’re tearing it up, owning the battlefield, racetrack or playing field, when all of a sudden your controller dies a sudden death and you’re left staring speechless at the screen, deciding whether to throw the controller through it or just turn the thing off. Not with inFamous Second Son.

The fine folks at Sucker Punch must have endured this during their time, so they’ve handily implemented a nifty little feature to save you from such worries. Should your DualShock 4 fail you mid-battle, Delsin will leg it from battle and find somewhere to lay low whilst you scramble around the living room retrieving the charger cable or your spare controller.

Pretty cool, eh? Should save some frustration, though maybe it would be best to just auto-pause the games when the controller dies…

Has this feature saved you? Or would you have preferred the game paused instead of Delsin going rogue? Let us know down int he comments below.

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