News: Left 4 Dead 3 & Source 2 Snapped At Valve HQ

left4dead2We’re back, and with some big news to open our glorious return with; Left 4 Dead 3 is most likely a real thing.

OK, not such a glorious return, but the big news part is definitely spot on. Some Dota 2 combatants who were knocking around the offices over at Valve headquarters managed to do a little snooping, revealing some very interesting stuff indeed.

The band of Dota 2 players were at Valve’s offices getting a sneak preview of the International 3 tournament, and whilst they had some downtime, one of the group managed to snap an image of one of the developers computer screen, seemingly showing Left 4 Dead 3 and Source 2 as being actual things, not just murky internet rumours.

Check out the image below, you should be able to make out the references to the long-awaited sequel to Left 4 Dead 2, as well as the much rumoured successor to the Source engine.



It’s going to be hard for Valve to deny, so I reckon we may get some sort of acknowledgement within the next couple of weeks. Probably.

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We’ve all seen it coming, but the question still remains; Where the hell is Half Life 3?!

Source: NeoGaf