News: Limbo Mooching On To PlayStation Vita

limbo-ps-vitaHit indie title Limbo had been confirmed to be getting a re-release on the PlayStation Vita.

The re-release is set to make the jump from the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC to a new home on the latest Sony handheld soon, though at the moment there’s not much to get excited about with no details on a release date, price or whether it’ll be a direct port of the original or if it’ll support some of the PS Vita’s features such as the touchscreen, rear touchpad or gyroscopic sensors.

What we do know however is that it’s no doubt going to be just as good. Limbo was a fantastic platformer/puzzle game on the big screens and I’ve no doubt it’ll be just as, if not more enjoyable on the PS Vita’s beautiful display.

If you’ve not gotten around to playing through Limbo, it’s worth at least one play through so pick it up if you can, or better yet, wait for some more news on the PS Vita version and take it wherever you go!

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Would you buy Limbo for the PS Vita? Or was the home console version enough for you? Let us know down in the comments section below.

Source: IGN

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  1. I’ll buy it! I only played the XB360 demo way back when, when I still had my XB360. Liked what I played, never got around to buying it though. Never got it on PS3 either. Now that it’s coming to the vita, why the heck not? Also, did you hear about Terraria coming to the vita this summer? WHOO-HOO! It’s gotten to the point where there are too many games coming out for me to buy without having to explain credit card bills to the missus…

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