News: Limbo On Vita Includes Cross-Buy, No Touchscreen Features

limbo-ps-vitaIt was great news when we found out that atmospheric indie-platformer Limbo was being ported over to the PS Vita, well now we’ve got some more great news to make the deal even sweeter.

The PS Vita version of the critically acclaimed title won’t feature any touch controls, something that was made clear by Playdead CEO Dino Patti in a recent interview with Eurogamer,

“We’re not using any touch. We didn’t feel it would suit Limbo at all. It would feel like a patch if we did it. And we really like the original experience. The Vita allows you to have the original experience,” Patti explained. “It would require a lot from us to rethink the game. We would probably make another game if we were going to do that. Vita was a no-brainer because we could keep the same experience. It has all of these great features, but we didn’t have to use them.”

Also, in addition to getting the solid experience that you’re used to, cross-buy will feature with the PS Vita version of Limbo, so if you purchase Limbo on the PSN, then you’re entitled to download the title again on your PlayStation 3. Nifty, right?

Limbo is out now on the North American PlayStation Store for the fairer than fair price of $15, whilst us UK residents and European folk will be able to take on the perils of Limbo tomorrow for €12.99/£9.99.

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Source: Eurogamer

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  1. Cross-buy? I might finally buy it. Glad they aren't shoehorning touch mechanics into the game. I mean, if it doesn't need them, don't use it, right? Uncharted, you got this answer wrong on your last test… lol

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