News: Lionhead Studios Cancelled InkQuest Actually Looks Pretty Cool

Lionhead Studios hosts an annual “Creative Day” where the entire team takes two days off from their regular roles to create all manner of things, with everyone presenting their creative ideas on day three.

One of the teams within Lionhead came up with InkQuest, described as “part magical map, part audio book, part adventure game,” the game was considered good enough to warrant some extra resources and so a playable demo was built. Unfortunately nothing really came of InkQuest and it’s probably not going to be sitting on store shelves, digital or otherwise.

Lionhead has decided to share with us a short clip of the demo in action, teasing us with what could have been. Check out the clip down below.

It certainly looks ambitious and the art-style is definitely one of its key features, it’s just a shame we’ll never be able to actually go on the adventure.

The UK based development studio hasn’t really done anything other than Fable games, though hopefully with more creative ideas such as InkQuest that could change.

Gutted you won’t be able to play InkQuest? Share your sorrow down in the comments section below.

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