News: Men’s Room Mayhem Out Now, Launch Trailers Inside

MRM_LogoMen’s Room Mayhem is unzipping it’s jeans and splashing all over your PS Vita, starting from today.

Today North American PS Vita owners will be able to purchase and download the quirky line-drawing game from Liverpool based Sawfly Studio’s and publisher Ripstone, whilst UK and European players will have to cross their legs and hold on tight until tomorrow when the title becomes available on the EU PlayStation Store.

If you’ve not heard of Men’s Room Mayhem, let me fill you in. You’re the janitor and your job is to keep order in various men’s rooms. It’s your duty to guide the bursting patrons to their urinal/cubicle before they make a mess, that’s the easy part, the hard part is keeping the patrons away from each other before they start scrapping, as men usually do in the toilets…

We’ve spent some time with Men’s Room Mayhem and it’s honest to goodness fun, definitely worth taking to the loo if a newspaper isn’t handy.

Men’s Room Mayhem is out now in North America for the PS Vita and will be releasing for the UK and Europe tomorrow for the budget toilet paper price of £1.99 / €2.49 / $1.99.

MRM_Screenshot (1)

Men’s Room Mayhem will also be releasing on iOS and Android devices on May 23rd for the even cheaper price of £0.69 / €0.89 / $0.99. Although the iOS and Android version may be cheaper, it’s not the full package that PS Vita owners can expect. PS Vita players will get the complete game with no need to purchase any add-ons whereas mobile players will have to pay for extra locations and the “Blitz” mode.

Check out the launch trailers below:

Check back in with The Games Cabin later today for our PS Vita review of Men’s Room Mayhem.

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