News: Microsoft Rolling Out Xbox One Update 1404

Microsoft has released the latest update for their next-gen home console, the Xbox One.

The update brings a few fixes which will no doubt please some frustrated Xbox One owners who have been unfortunate enough to encounter them.

The details of the latest update are listed below:

  • A new fix for consoles previewing the update to address an issue where the Blu-ray drive may fail to wake up after coming out of standby. This issue can result in the “Do you own this game or app? (0x87de07d1)” error when a disc is already in the drive.
  • A fix for an issue affecting consoles previewing the update where booting from energy saving mode can take longer than normal.
  • A fix for an issue affecting consoles previewing the update where waking the console from standby with the “Xbox, on” voice command can take longer than normal to process.

It’s good to see that once again Microsoft are quick off the mark to address the issues rather than letting them get out of hand. Though it does have to be said, should these issues have been present in the first place?

Have you been affected by any of the errors? Has the latest update sorted out your Xbox One? Let us know down in the comments section down below.

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