News: Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Sales Surpass 6 Million

Minecraft screen shotMinecraft is really going from strength to strength in the home console market as the indie title has sailed passed the 6 million sales mark.

Tweeting on Twitter (where else?), 4JStudios expressed their jubilation at the success of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition with the following tweet:

“Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has now sold over SIX MILLION copies !!!

It’s hardly surprising at this point, the blocky open-world adventure game has gained popularity amongst the hardcore devotees who played the game all the way through its PC roots all the way to the casual builders who like to dip in and out on the Xbox 360 or on their Android/iOS device.

No doubt Mojang will be pleased to see Minecraft expand across millions of living rooms, something that could go further with the Mojang hinting that Minecraft may get a release on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita once the exclusivity deal with Microsoft has run its course. Unfortunately for Wii U owners, a port of Minecraft to the latest Nintendo console looks very unlikely at this time, but never say never…

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Source: Twitter

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