News: Next Xbox Reveal Coming Tuesday May 21st

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Microsoft has, for the first time, officially acknowledged the existence of their Next Xbox, though the name is still unknown at this point. 

In an email sent out to practically everyone with an email account, the platform holder reveals that the official big reveal of the next console will take place on Tuesday May 21st. 

We all knew it was coming, we even had rumours that Microsoft would be showing off the Next Xbox sometime this month, but they turned out to be a little inaccurate, by about a month or so. 

No matter which platform you are a “fan” of, I’m sure we’re all excited to see what Microsoft will be bringing to the next-gen table, we may even get confirmation of the rumours that the Next Xbox will require an always-on connection and that it won’t support used games, or maybe Microsoft will take this opportunity to debunk the rumours and actually give us some hard information. Until then, expect rumou

rs to run amok. 

There’s also been rumours that Sony will be holding another meeting around the same time as the Microsoft one, seemingly not giving their competitor an inch to move. 

Despite all the rivalry, it’s good to see competition among the platform holders, because as we all know, competition is the catalyst to innovation. 

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What do you think will be shown off at the Next Xbox event? Will Microsoft actually show the console? Will we see the myths debunked or confirmed? Let us know what you think below.

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