News: No Used Games DRM Or Online Connection Needed For The PS4

ps4consoleSony’s E3 conference last night was a roaring success with the audience, and I suspect the same rings true for those who watched the live steam from home/work.

The used games debate has fired up in recent weeks after Microsoft announced their DRM policies, most of which angered consumers and critics. However, Sony has decided to go a different route to its closest rival and is allowing used games to be consumed on the PS4, just the way they are today.

Jack Tretton took to the stage to make the announcement, and his glee at the crowds reaction could not be any clearer. As he announced the DRM policies, are lack of, the crowd exploded into thunders of applause and cheers; a clear display of what consumers want.

This will no doubt come as a blow to Microsoft who were hoping to be the trend setter going into the next-generation. They may have to re-think their strategy and change a few policies, but the most likely scenario is that the firm will stand stubborn and plough ahead with their features.

To help clear up the situation further, Sony has released a handy instructional video detailing how sharing games on the PS4 works.

I always try to remain neutral when it comes to reporting news, but damn Sony are making it tough. They’ve really hit a home run this time, something that even the most devoted Xbox fans have to admit.

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