News: PlayStation Vita Selling Out In Japan

ps-vita-sold-out-japanIt looks like the PlayStation Vita is finally stretching out and showing its potential, now that Sony has slashed the price of the handheld in their native Japan.

A user over at NeoGaf posted an image of a Japanese retailer’s PlayStation Vita section, showing that the PlayStation Vita is practically sold out.

Check out the image below, also note that red signals the console is sold out, and black indicates they have some of that particular model in stock:


It’s good news for Sony as the console has spent the last year limping pitifully whilst its rival, the Nintendo 3DS continued to pull in strong sales. Whilst there’s no official sales data to go over, we can’t be sure if this is widespread or if this one particular retailer just had a really good day. The official sales figures should be released next week, when we’ll know just how well the Vita is selling in its home territory.

If it turns out that the console is indeed selling out due to the recent price cut, it may prompt Sony to introduce a similar offer for the UK, Europe and North America. If so, this will no doubt out more of the consoles in the hands of players, giving publishers and developer alike more reasons to invest in producing top titles, instead of duds like Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified and LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes.

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Source: NeoGaf

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