News: Pre-Order The PlayStation 4 With GAME Today

game_logo1The PlayStation 4 was only announced last night, but UK retailer game is ready to start taking pre-orders for Sony’s latest home console.

For a £20 deposit you can pre-order your new console ahead of it’s expected October/November release later this year, and the price? Well, it’s cheaper than the PlayStation 3 was at release, it’s £399.99 with GAME, but you do have to put down £20 as a deposit.

We’ve no idea whether this is the actual price given by Sony, or if GAME is just making an educated guess, though it is entirely possible that Sony has released the price lists to retailers ahead of release, ensuring pre-orders can be taken and get an early read on what the install base will be like come release day.

Whether this will come with a bundled game remains to be seen, but if it does, it definitely represents good value for money and shouldn’t be sniffed at considering its raw power and future potential.

Personally, I expected the console to be around the £400 mark, but I was also hoping I’d be wrong and that we’d see the price at around £299. So if you, like me, are looking forward to the PlayStation 4, you’d better start saving some cash. Take on extra hours at work, mow the neighbours lawn, sell some useless stuff on eBay, just make sure you have the money!

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