News: PS Vita Exploits Leaked To The Public, Not All Bad Though

The PS Vita system has a strong following of people who are interested in hacking the device, whether it be to play emulators on the Vita or to play pirated PSP games and such.

Now, the exploits that have been leaked come from a team that are dedicated to hacking the PS Vita console. Apparently there’s been some issues within this “team,” maybe one stole the others brony magazine or whatever, and as a result somebody from the inside has leaked the exploits that can be used to modify the console.

This doesn’t mean that the PS Vita is hacked to play PS Vita games, the current exploits only allow users to install and play custom software, such as emulators.

The PS Vita’s predecessor, the PSP, was hacked to hell by the modding community. Hopefully the PS Vita doesn’t share the same fate.

What do you think? Happy that Sony has the list of exploits so they can fix them? Or are you one of those who dares to hack the PS Vita? Either way, let us know down below.

via Wololo