News: PS4 & PS Vita TV Win “Good Design” Japanese Award

The PS4 and PS Vita TV have both been bestowed with the “Good Design” award from the JDPO (Japan Design Promotion Organisation.)

The awards aren’t based purely on aesthetics, but rather on the functionality, practicality and overall performance of the mechanical components when blended together to make the machine, though an appealing design does help because nobody wants a ghastly brick sat under their TV.

The PS4 was selected to win the “Good Design” award due to it’s, well, good design. The “unique structure which solves the heat treatment” and “exterior features” that are believed to be a direct successor to the popular PS2 were cited as reasons for awarding the PS4 the “Good Design” title. The PS Vita TV was also awarded the same title.

Another PlayStation brand that won an award was the PlayStation family of controllers. The PlayStation controller won the “Long Life Design” award, although the jury didn’t disclose their evaluation, though it is easy to see why the PlayStation controller won; it’s remained pretty much the same for the last 20 years, with only marginal changes in its ergonomics, although the DualShock 4 controller somewhat changed a little more drastically, it is still recognisable as part of the PlayStation family of controllers.

The “Good Design Exhibition 2014” is being held at Tokyo Midtown from October 31st til November 4th and will be a showcase of the best designed products. Sounds like a hoot, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Do you think the PS family of devices are so well designed? Or do you laugh at their puny form when you snap them in half after your bowl of creatine? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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