News: PSN Down Again After Minecraft PS4 Launch

psn is down

For the fourth time in a fortnight the PlayStation Network is down, this time due to the launch of Minecraft PS4, according to Sony.

The latest outage on the PSN comes just after the troubled launch of Minecraft PS4, causing players to vent their frustration at Sony on Twitter.

Thankfully Sony aren’t burying their heads in the sand. The firm has addressed the complaints on its official Twitter page, claiming that the launch of Minecraft PS4 and the subsequent volume of users trying to download the title simultaneously has caused some network problems.

Hopefully Sony can get things running smoothly again, especially with the launch of Destiny just a few days away. If the PSN can’t handle the launch of Minecraft, how will it cope under the burden of millions of players accessing Bungie’s upcoming Destiny?

Have you managed to download Minecraft PS4? Or are you still locked out of the service like a naughty dog? Or are you looking forward to the Xbox One release today? Shoot off down in the comments section below.

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