News: The Last of Us Demo Ticking Down To May 31st

the-last-of-us-demoIf you’re looking forward to getting some early access to the playable demo for Naughty Dog’s upcoming thriller The Last of Us, you’ve not got that long to wait.

For early access, players that purchase God of War: Ascension (read our review here) will be granted early access to the demo which unlocks on May 31st at 17.00 GMT, as confirmed by developer Naughty Dog on Twitter.

It’s a bit of a lengthy wait just for a playable demo, something becoming rarer and rarer with the bigger titles these days, but if you do have God of War: Ascension, that should keep you busy until May 31st rolls around. For those who choose not to join Kratos in God of War: Ascension, the demo will more than likely go live during the PlayStation Store updates, which is June 11th for North America and the following day, June 12th for the UK and European PlayStation Store.

The Last of Us was recently delayed from its original release date and pushed back until June 14th, so it’s around two months until you can get the full-blown zombie experience, but it looks like the wait will be worth it!

The Last of Us is due to release on June 14 for the PlayStation 3, with rumours that a PlayStation 4 port may be in the works…

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Looking forward to The Last of Us? Will you be getting early access to the demo? Or are you happy enough to wait a little longer? Let us know down in the comment section below.

Source: Twitter