News: The Order: 1886 Exclusive To PS4, Trailer Inside

theorder1886Sony’s E3 conference last night is still ringing in our ears, with one game striking some heavy chords – The Order: 1886.

Revealed during the Sony E3 conference yesterday, The Order: 1886 comes from the magical minds of the team behind the God of War series, Sony Santa Monica in collaboration with Ready At Dawn Studios and is set to be a PS4 exclusive. The Order: 1886 takes place in a steam-punk version of Victorian England where humans are engaging in a war with what look like some kind of monsters.

There’s a trailer embedded down below for you to check out, see if you can make out what the enemies are.

It’s definitely an interesting concept, something that has proven to be a hit with players after the well received BioShock Infinite. From what we can tell, it looks to be some sort of third-person shooter/slasher, but until we get some proper confirmation we can’t be sure.

Still, looks like fun! It’s got to be better than hordes of first-person shooters, and the incoming generation seems to be offering a diverse catalogue of games, everything from RPG to action/adventure, it’s all there for us to enjoy! Not long now…

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