News: The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC Out Now

400daysGet ready for some tough decision-making because The Walking Dead: 400 Days will be releasing tomorrow, in North America anyway.

The download content sets out to keep players hooked until The Walking Dead: Season Two releases, though we’ve no confirmed date for the Second Season.

400 Days releases today (July 2nd) in North America on the PlayStation Network, then July 3rd for PC players all over the world. July 5th is the date for the Xbox Live Arcade worldwide release, July 10th brings 400 Days to the European PlayStation Network and the iOS version gets released a day later on July 11th, and that’s worldwide.

The 400 Days DLC should keep you busy until Season Two comes out, just remember that your decisions in this DLC have consequences in the upcoming Season Two.

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Source: IGN