News: Ubisoft Want Wii U Price Cut To Boost Software Sale

wii-u-consoleThe Nintendo Wii U is a fairly cheap console, considering it only released last year, but Ubisoft want the price of the console to come down even lower.

Alain Corre of Ubisoft spoke to Edge about the Wii U and software sales, and when asked about the pricing structure of consoles, the executive stated:

“We always want the hardware to be at a low price because we want as many fans as possible to afford to buy our games, so that’s for sure,” Corre told Edge. “We think that Wii U will find its public at some point. Some were expecting sales to be quicker but we are optimistic.”

Mr Corre goes on to say:

“I think Nintendo has said that the Wii U sales in general were below expectations originally and the software tie-in ratio is also stable, so I think that when less machines sell, less games sell.”

At the end of the day, it does make sense. More consoles out there in the hands of consumers inevitably leads to higher sales of games, something Ubisoft and all game publishers need to keep going. Maybe a price cut isn’t the answer though. The Wii U is, as I said before, fairly cheap for a new console, coming in at under £200 depending on which retail you make your purchase with.

Personally, I think the problem really lies with the pricing structure of the games, not the consoles. If you go out and by four new games today, you will have spent more than it cost’s to purchase a new console. With games now retailing between £40-£55 in UK stores, and even more if you buy from the Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Store or the Nintendo eShop, were some games will cost as much as £59.99

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What do you think? Do console prices need to be lower, or should games be at a fairer price? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: Edge

  1. Okay. I’m really starting to dislike Ubisoft.
    First it’s all: bitch, bitch, bitch about how there aren’t any new consoles so they can’t make new IP games. Then the Wii U and 3DS and PS Vita launch, and they’ve done nothing but release one new IP on the Wii U (ZombiU), a spin-off game for Splinter Cell for 3DS, pushed back Rayman Legends so they can put it out on other systems, and ported Rayman to 3DS and Vita, and finally a spin-off Assassin’s Creed for Vita. On top of that, they’ve already announced a new Assassin’s Creed game for next gen systems, even though AC3 came out in October, thus destroying their: We want to make new IP rant.
    Now their lone new IP isn’t selling well. Gasp! It must be because the console is so expensive! It’s not the fact that not many people want to play your game, or that there’s a small install base, or that the world economy isn’t doing too well and can’t justify purchasing a box that doesn’t do anything truly useful, or that the games are so expensive! It’s the Wii U’s price point!
    Even IF Nintendo does drop the price (and I doubt they will any time soon, it’s only been out for 3 or 4 months), it won’t be straight away. Nintendo already took that hit with the 3DS. I don’t think they’ll do it with Wii U.
    Fricking Ubisoft.

    1. Rant over? Or is there more? Haha! I see what you mean though, a lot of publishers are coming up with more and more reasons for their games not selling well, any reason other than – the game is crap, or the games are too expensive.

      1. Re-reading it, I guess it is a little rant-like, huh? Well, at the time, it seemed perfectly reasonable. Also, i think it would have been taken better had there been a price drop on the comment system.

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