News: Warframe Blasting On To PS4 At Launch

warframeps4It seems we can’t go a single day without a title being announced for the PS4, this time it’s Digital Extremes’ Warframe.

Warframe is a free-to-play third-person shooter that’s currently only available to those who do a bit of gaming on a PC. Available through Steam, Warframe pits players against each other for the grand cost of nothing. There are micro-transactions in the PC version and we’ve been told that the PS4 version that’s currently being digitally created will stay consistent with its PC counter-part by keeping micro-transactions in the game.

As well as being a launch title, there’s to be an Android and iOS app available to download. It won’t let you play the full game on the go, but more than likely will be a way of customising your load out and keeping track of stats, the usual companion app features really.

Warframe will launch on the PS4 whenever the PS4 releases. It’s widely expected that Sony’s next home console will hit shelves this Christmas time, though where and when is still to be seen.

There’s a trailer embedded down below so you can have a peek at what to expect.

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