News: Wii Mini Coming To UK Stores Next Month

wii_miniAfter the worldwide success of the Wii, the 22nd of March hails the release of the Wii Mini in the UK.

The Wii Mini, as the name suggests, is much smaller than the original Wii. As the picture below shows, the Wii Mini comes in matte black with a red border with a red Wii Remote Plus and red Nunchuck controller. The Wii Mini is also compatible with most existing Wii Accessories.

With the release of the Wii Mini, Nintendo aim to add to the existing range of Nintendo Select titles, giving their users access to some classic Wii games.wii_mini

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Are you going to be getting in on this? Or will you pass this one by? Let us know down below.

Source: GamaSutra

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