News: Xbox One Pre-Orders Break All Records At Blockbuster

microsoft-xbox-one-4842_610x407It seems the recent outrage across the world-wide web hasn’t dampened pre-orders for Microsoft’s already criticised Xbox One.

Video game retailer/rental service blockbuster recently revealed that pre-orders for the Xbox One has broken all pre-order records held with the firm, showing that some consumers just don’t care what the internet says.

“We are delighted by the huge number of pre orders that we have received so far for the new Microsoft console,” said James Morton, the firms head of games.

Does this mean that the Xbox One won’t be delivered dead-on-arrival as many gaming outlets have been speculating? It’s hard to say but pre-orders can always be cancelled and there’s a few months yet for those who have pre-ordered to become better informed.

You can pre-order the Xbox One in the UK with super-market giant Asda or UK games retailer GAME. Both will require you to place down £20 to ensure you receive a console come launch day.

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Source: MCV

  1. Absolute bullshit. No source, couldn't even be bothered to capitalize Blockbuster. And nobody preordered a console through Blockbuster even when they weren't failing.

  2. There is a source, it's down at the bottom next to the word – wait for it…. – Source! You got me on blockbuster though, and it's since been rectified. Cheers!

  3. Pfft, even the source is extremely dubious at best. Besides, Blockbuster makes, or used to make, a lot of it's money by renting games. It can't do that with an XBone.

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