News: Xbox One No Longer Available From GameStop?

microsoft-xbox-oneApparently some people are having issues with pre-ordering Microsoft’s Xbox One with GameStop.

Twitter user @UF_Shane recently posted a message to his followers on social media website Twitter describing his struggle to pre-order the Xbox One with video game retailer GameStop.

The tweet reads:

“Went to my local @GameStop and you can’t pre order an #XBoxOne anymore, it has been pulled from their system. Interesting”

What does this mean? It could be one of a million things. Maybe an issue with that one particular store or it could be store-wide problem with the software, maybe a prank by a pro-PS4 GameStop worker, or as many have feared, the console isn’t ready or their just aren’t enough units to supply the demand.

We’ve fired off an email to GameStop asking what’s the dealio, we’ll update as we know more. Also, the word ‘dealio’ will never run again on this website, so long as the sun sets at the end of each day.

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Have you had any problems with pre-ordering your Xbox One? Or even the PS4 for that matter? Let us know your horror stories/fairytale endings down in the comments below.

Source: Twitter

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