News: Xbox One Parity Clause Strikes Again

The Clause Strikes Back

There’s a good chance that Titan Souls will never see the light of day on the Xbox One, according to developer Acid Nerve.

Speaking to GamingBolt, Mark Foster of Acid Nerve stated that “Microsoft’s policies still have parity clauses which mean if we release it on PS4/Vita first, we can’t bring it to their console later so it probably won’t be on Xbox.”

Microsoft’s parity clause for indie games basically means that unless the game is released at the same time on the Xbox One as it is on other platforms, it won’t be allowed to be released for the system at a later date.

The parity clause is completely ridiculous and Microsoft need to start re-thinking it, else they may just lose out on some real gems in the future, they’ve already lost Batman: Arkham Knight in Japan.

Titan Souls is set to release on the PS4, PS Vita and PC early in 2015.

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via GamingBolt

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