News: Xbox One Is Doing Surprisingly Well In China

The first console release for over 10 years in China has been a positive success for Microsoft and the Xbox One, as they’ve become the first manufacturer to release a home console in the territory since a ban on games consoles came into place back in 2000.

The console has reportedly managed to move 100,000 units in China, though whether this is units shipped or units sold is still unclear, but we expect Microsoft will announce those numbers soon enough. The Redmond based firm has been somewhat reluctant and cagey about sales numbers in other territories, but where there is no direct competition we expect Microsoft will jump on the chance to announce massive sales numbers, and rightly so.

On the first day of the Xbox One’s release in China there were eager buyers lining up to get their hands on the entertainment system. This isn’t such a surprise; there has always been a black market for video game consoles in China since the ban, so the prospect of being able to officially buy a console within the lines of the law must have been very appealing for those who are interested in video games.

It’s good to see China embrace the Xbox One, we just hope they enjoy it as much as we do! Sony is also expected to distribute their PS4 in China at some point, so there’s some good competition to be had between the two biggest game console manufacturers.

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Source AVG9, gamechup

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