News: Tekken Revolution Hits PSN On Tuesday (June 11th)

1370719958-tekken-revolution-3A PS3 exclusive free-to-play new game, Tekken Revolution, is set to  launch on PSN on Tuesday.

Tekken Revolution was revealed within an E3 2013 preview by Gamespot, in which we get a small glimpse of the game and when it is set to be released (fast forward to 19:10 for a look).


The footage only shows Bryan, Paul, Kazuya and Lars, except for that nothing much is known about the game, but everything should become a lot clearer once the game is released. 

Tekken Revolution is set to release on the PlayStation Network this Tuesday June 11th.

Will it be a full out fighting game? Or does the fact that no actual user game play is shown suggest that it may be something else?

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