Opinion: PS Vita Needs AAA’s, Not Indies

ps-vita-206-updateThe PS Vita hasn’t had the best start in life, but it’s getting there. Sort of.

In recent months the powerful handheld has become a haven for smaller developers and independent game makers looking to get their games out on the best possible device for a reasonable price; hence the influx of indie games.

There’s nothing wrong with indie games in general, the majority that have released on the PS Vita have been of excellent quality. Just look back at Guacamelee!, Thomas Was Alone and Retro City Rampage, all have seen varying degrees of success on Sony’s latest entry into the increasingly competitive handheld market.

Sony has emphasised that they will be supporting indie games, free-to-play titles and your regular games for the PS Vita as well as the upcoming PlayStation 4, but is it being overdone?

I’m in no way against indie games, one of my favourite games for the Vita is currently sitting on pause and waiting for me to jump back in, that game is Guacamelee!, an indie game.

There’s definitely a place for indie games on the Vita, but the selling point for the device was Sony’s promise of home-gaming on the go. The Vita isn’t as strong as the PlayStation 3, but we know it’s more than capable of putting out some top quality titles that would have been heaped with praise if they had released on the PlayStation 3 at launch.

I’ve spoken to quite a few people about the matter (I like to do a bit of real research every now and again,) and the vast majority are happy with indie games being pushed hard on the PS Vita, but they also said that they would prefer more AAA experiences akin to Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

Basically, indie games fill a hole when there’s nothing much going on, but ultimately gamers want fuller, richer experiences to sit along their very expensive device. Some have spoken out and claimed the PS Vita is nothing more than a fancy emulator or a portable PlayStation 2 with HD capabilities. Of course the PS Vita isn’t just a fancy emulator, but if the focus is geared toward more indie games rather than big-budget thrills, I know a few who will be very disappointed in their investment, myself included.

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What do you think? More indies, or more big-name games? Do you think Sony is taking the easy option by supporting independents rather than splashing the cash and getting the big names on board? Share your thoughts down in the comment section below, we’d love to know what more people think on the matter.

  1. Indies are great for some people but honesty dont believe people will spend 250-300 dollars just to play indies when the same games are out ios devices

  2. While I love many of the indie games that have been released, I have to admit that I too hunger for more of these ‘triple a’ games. The problem is that ‘triple A’ is generally associated with: Huge budget. And who wants to throw millions of dollars at a handheld? No one. Even though Guacamelee! is indie, I consider it to be a ‘triple A’ title, because I’ve had as much enjoyment (if not more) with that game as I did Gravity Rush or Uncharted. Sadly, I beat Guacamelee! and platinumed it within a week of it’s release, and now I want to play something else. Luckily, more games are coming (Soul Sacrifice just released), but they are mostly ports. Next month is Muramasa Rebirth and The Jak and Daxter Collection. In August there’ll be Dragon’s Crown (which looks amazing) and Killzone Mercenary (Which I hope is amazing) in September. The vita has been hurt by the fact that companies don’t want to release games for it. The vita was unceremoniously snubbed when it came to Resident Evil Revelations and Castlevania: LoS: Mirror of Fate and it seems to be only getting more of the same with it’s port of the Zone of the Ender’s Collection suddenly vanishing into thin air. I love my Vita, but it is in a very bad place right now. But, is it because it’s the Vita or is it because of other, larger, more nebulous things? I mean, it seems like Nintendo can’t give away their WiiU and they had a helluva time with the 3DS’s first year. Is it because people can get their games on their phones now? Is it because the prices are too high? Will the PS4 and XBwhatever suffer the same fate? Only time will tell, I guess.

    1. Great comment, I actually think you got my point across better than I did. Indies are great, but the majority of them can be done with after a week or so, whereas the bigger games can take months to complete and have so much replay value. Even Uncharted: Golden Abyss has me dipping in every other day to try and collect those hard-to-get trophies or go a few rounds in the card game.

  3. so this is your site eh chrish ^_^
    nice article btw

    how i wish i could spill the beans… just kidding :p

    worry not my friend, those AAA games will be announced sooner..
    sony knows what they are doing… its just some people are losing hope
    on the vita, if only they could announced what are in the works for the vita..
    atleast it would instill hope for our troubled hearts, right? ^_^

    about the 3rd parties…. well you can guarantee that ubisoft has some key projects for the vita, besides yves guillemot had already said…

    about activision….hmmm maybe a proper cod from them this time, besides sledgehammer is working on cod related stuff that is not involved with cod:ghosts….
    about ea… more sports games from them, and amazon leaked fifa14 for vita but its now been removed (as always)
    well thats about it…i wish i could say more :p
    i wonder what happened to that unity-based game for vita/ps3 by square, announced in 2011

    good evening ^_^

    1. Hi Sherimae!

      Yes this is my site, glad you found us! Im sure there are plenty of PS Vita games in the works, Ubisoft is rumoured to be bringing a new Assassins Creed, did you see the leaked material a few weeks ago?

      1. yup i have seen it ^_^

        btw sony scee exec shahid is teasing an AMAZING big title for the vita that will hook us for hours, i wonder what it is…
        dont worry it will be reveal soon, maybe this week
        i let you know the details if i found out something
        see ya ^_^

        1. I did see that, just posted a new article about it! If you have any info to pass onto us, please feel free to send an email! You can either use the “Contact Us” page or email [email protected].


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